Sunday, July 17, 2011

Farmers Market Time!!

Summer is here and it came early this year!  The plants are blooming, the bean vines are climbing, the Farmers Markets are out in full force and above all…..the bees are buzzing! Here on the farm, we have built several new garden beds this year and are still making more.  Not only did I get carried away in the greenhouse, but the plants have been so successful that we are building beds as fast as we can in order to not let any plants go to waste.  Each year, however, we always end up with more plants than we can use and the rest are donated to the local homeless kitchen’s garden.  I would encourage everyone to look for their local community shelter to see if they have a garden to donate their extra vegetable and herb plants to, or maybe just your local community garden.
One of the new garden beds we put in was for what was, by far, our most favorite tomato that we grew last year….the Millionaire.  It is an extremely sweet tasting pink tomato that is
extremely meaty and can be used for every thing you need a tomato for.  These are meaty enough to use for any sauce, large enough for one slice to cover your entire sandwich, and overall the best one we have found so far.  Of course we have fun growing all kinds of tomatoes and trying new heirloom varieties each year… I know we will discover other great tomatoes to tell you about too, but I can’t imagine not growing these for our own personal use every year.   The new one we are growing this year is the Yellow Brandywine.  I know this variety isn’t new to a lot of you, but we just began growing yellow tomatoes last year.  We have heard excellent things about this one and I’m excited about learning to create many different sauces with many different colors of tomatoes.

Don’t forget that with any heirloom variety, you can save the seed and start your own every growing season.  Make sure to only save the seed from the best looking fruit at all times.
The garden is calling me……happy gardening!!

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