Sweet and Hot

Peppers have a way of spicing up our lives with their taste and with the many brilliant colors they add to everything including our gardens. 

The organic heirloom peppers offered below are our tried and true peppers, grown by seed, harvested by hand with no chemicals or pesticides. 

This site is still under construction so keep watch for links in the pepper descriptions.  They will soon lead you to some of our best recipes, gardening tips and preserving techniques.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please let us know.  We will be updating this page as we harvest and we will be glad to let you know if we have what you are looking for.

All of the produce and plant pictures of the organic produce on this page, are of the produce that these seeds come from.  All pictures are copyrighted.


(Italian Heirloom)

These prized, hardy plants start early and produce high yields.  Wedge-shaped fruit turn from yellow to red.  Flavor is preferred to blocky red bells for its sweetness.  Great fresh, cooked or dried.  These are one of our constants in our garden.  They are the first to produce and they will continue to produce steadily until frost. 
80 Days 
Packet of 15 seeds  #101


(Italian Heirloom)
A very rare, large Italian heirloom pepper that shines as bright as the sun in your garden and on your plate.  These are about 2" at the top and taper to a length of about 8".  Very sweet with thick flesh, they begin green and ripen to a beautiful shiny yellow, however, they can be used at any stage.  Plant produces heavy yields.  These treasures are excellent for stuffing, roasting, pickling and drying and are a must in the garden.

85 Days 
Packet of 15 seeds  #102

These extremely productive and disease resistant plants are easy to grow.  Fruits are large and blocky, shiny chocolate colored bells with brick red interior.  Great gourmet peppers for salads that are extremely sweet and appealing to the eye.  This is the first year we have grown these and are so thrilled with them that they will be a staple in our garden every year.    
85 Days  
Packet of 15 seeds  #103

(Amish Heirloom)
These mini 1" to 2" sweet red bells grow prolifically on a hardy, compact plant.  Great for stuffing with herb flavored cream cheese, pickled whole, or grilled with kabobs.  These plants are easy to grow even in a smaller container and very eye catching for an accent piece.  Peppers may be used in their early green stage also.

 75 Days  
Packet of 15 seeds  #104



Extremely hot peppers that turn from green to red when mature.  Hardy plant gives heavy yields.  Excellent for salsas, chili, jelly, and curries.  Beautiful plants for the garden or flower pots that produce unique lantern shaped fruit.  This is the first year we've grown these and are extremely pleased with how easy they are to grow and how productive they are.  Completely care free plants that are pest free.
90 Days
Packet of 10 seeds  #105
WARNING~Wear gloves when handling (cutting, slicing) them to avoid burning.  Do not touch your face while processing these peppers and protect your eyes.


Hardy, compact plants, these grow heavy yields that will keep you supplied for salsas, pickling and jellies.  Fruit will be 2"-3" long and will turn from green to red when fully mature.  Also great for growing in containers.  Easy to grow, care free and pest free.

72 Days
Packet of 15 seeds  #106

WARNING~Wear gloves when handling (cutting, slicing) them to avoid burning.  Do not touch your face while processing these peppers and protect your eyes.